Concrete/Clay - TileCoat Coating System

Add new life and colour to your concrete tile roof.

1) Preparation and Repairs
All tiles will be checked for cracks and replaced where required. Ridges and barges will be checked and where required will be replaced and repointed with the Kowhai flexible pointing system. Valleys will be checked, repaired or replaced as needed

2) Cleaning
The roof will be waterblasted to remove all dirt, loose and flaking material. If moss and mould is present, the roof will be treated with Kowhai Koklean Green, a slow release, biodegradable, antifungicide treatment before applying the Kowhai TileCoat Coating System

3) Sealing
The roof will be then sealed with Kowhai Greenseal, to seal off any bare porous areas and to wet out old chalking paint to ensure the adhesion of the Kowhai TileCoat Coating System. Kowhai Greenseal also incorporates a bacteriacide to kill any existing mould spores.

4) Tilecoat
The Kowhai TileCoat ColourCoat will then be applied. TileCoat is a 100% acrylic high build, made to the colour selected from our Kowhai Colour Chart

5) Hardgalze
Kowhai HardGlaze in gloss or satin will be applied to provide the ultimate protection against UV, weathering and dirt pickup. This completes the Kowhai TileCoat roof protection system

6) Terracotta/Clay Tiles
Where you have a terracotta/clay tile roof and wish to keep the natural colour and appearance the Kowhai will apply the following system:
6.1 Preparation and cleaning
6.2 The roof will be sealed with Kowhai Greenseal to seal and ensure adhesion of the glaze
6.3 Kowhai HardGlaze in gloss or satin will be applied